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I was born in Denver, Colorado and quickly moved to Northern Virginia. For 13 years I lived outside Washington D.C. until my family got the opportunity to move to Steamboat Springs, Colorado. This move to a small town, grew my appreciation for community and a love for the outdoors. After graduating high school, I made the decision to attend Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. Over the four years at FSU, I have had the opportunities to study in Valencia, Spain, spend a summer interning in Dallas, Texas as well as take numerous weekend trips exploring the southeast. Overall, I have grown as both an independent individual, but also as a designer. 

It is through my experiences that I see the power that design holds. Power to change the way people live, and thus, the well-being of individuals and society. Being able to impact people in this capacity inspires me to design in a way that goes beyond a visual aesthetic and dives into the cultural, social and emotional needs of all users. I value design that is caring and functionally supports users needs. Along with the value of impacting people, I also aim to positively impact the environment through design. I continue to learn about sustainability and apply my knowledge appropriately. People should be the basis of the creation of spaces, and the planet should be equally valued. When both are achieved, the power of design is infinite.

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