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Client Name: The Lao Boutique Hotels

Senior Capstone - Boutique Hotel

As large box stores such as Toys R Us close, the existing spaces are left vacant. This “Big Box Blight” created the opportunity to address a local issue in the Tallahassee community. With a teammate, research was first conducted to identify an aspect of the community that is lacking. Seeing that Florida is ranked fourth highest for childhood obesity rates, the community is in need of a recreation facility that will encourage healthier habits in both youth and their caregivers. Additionally, 44% of Tallahassee residents are families with children under the age of 18. With such a large family demographic, a community center is needed to provide a space for social and educational enrichment.

A unique piece of this project was having the opportunity to create the program requirements. After researching the problem, the program aimed to create the solution. The solution is providing a space for all ages to come together and promote health and wellness.To best support this growth, all ages are encouraged to coexist within the space through incorporation of community enrichment areas such as a teaching kitchen and health food cafe, as well as fitness spaces. All ethnicities, ages, and personalities are invited to elevate their health and wellness in the new Tallahassee recreation and enrichment center.​  |  Tel: 970-846-7661

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